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At EASE our goal is the same as yours: to employ high-quality software engineers. The difference is we've had time to find people with exactly the skills you need. We never go looking for a resume to fill your job - our engineers are long-term EASE employees. We see them work, job after job, so that when you call us we know exactly who to recommend. And if we don't have anyone that matches your needs - we tell you. No squeezing into glass slippers here.

And unlike some contracting firms, we don't hire just any engineer whose resume comes our way. We have a highly selective technical review process and hire only skilled senior engineers who can operate with the independence and self-motivation that you need from a contractor.

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Product: MetaWINDOW
A high performance graphics library for 80x86 VxWorks systems
(Download a demo or buy)


EASE is one of Oregon's best places to work - 6 years in a row!

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