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Hello!  Welcome to Randy's little corner of the great big web.  No, I am not the famous baseball player.  Just a regular Randy Johnson with a few interests to share. I've got some pretty interesting -- and unique -- information here about World Travel and Things Japanese

Nowdays, I live and work near Portland,  Oregon,  USA.  I work with a computer consulting company called EASE Software, Inc.  It's a cozy little company with very nice people; yeah, I've been there for 15 years now!

But I've also traveled around the world quite a bit -- over 6 years spent On The Road, with a rucksack through the Third World -- in addition to four years spent living in Japan.  So for those of you with an interest in world travel and Japanese culture, I have quite a few interesting notes, stories, and images here to share with you.  If you're still with me, maybe you should set a bookmark, get a cuppa coffee, and settle in for awhile.

This is my own personal page -- no advertising, no adult material, no animated images, no corporate connections. 

link to woodblock print of 'ama' pearl divers

Things Japanese

Randy's Japan Page includes my personal guide to sushi and sushi bars, plus my extensive travel guide to relaxing country getaways in Japan, with comprehensive notes on Japanese culture and history.  Also some unique art from Japan, and some of the best Japan links you'll find!

link to reproduction of Lord Pacal and Chan Balum

This Traveler's Tales

Randy's Travel Page invites you into my Life On the Road in travel articles, traveler's tales, and my guide to rough travel "Footloose and Fancy-Free in the Third World".  Plus my "Best of the Road" lists, travel links, and a photo gallery.

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Links to interesting sites of friends and what-not.


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