Still relying on paper
enrollment forms?

Over 75,000 businesses trust Ease to manage benefits & HR online
for 2.5 million+ employees.

Company and Benefits Setup

The fastest way to get your clients online.

Lightning Fast Setup

Select digitally-mapped enrollment forms, rates, contributions, eligibility, and more for each client.

Support Your Clients

View client information 24/7, email employees yet to complete enrollment, and clone past plans for renewal.

Employee Enrollment

Employees make better healthcare decisions, complete enrollments faster, and can access their benefit information 24/7.

Better Healthcare Decisions

Employees see plan comparisons and the cost per-pay-period during enrollment.


Employees are required to enter accurate information in all fields to complete enrollment.

Access Benefit Information 24/7

Employees can view benefit information year-round via web, iOS, or Android app.

Benefits Management

Review and make benefit and HR changes year-round.

Stay Up-To-Date

Receive email notifications when an employee adds a qualifying life event or changes a demographic detail. Control all updates yourself by limiting employees to make edits during specific date ranges.


Access aggregate information for your entire book of business or reports for specific groups. Ease has pre-built reports that can be used to update payroll, track enrollment progress, manage consolidated billing, and generate total reward statements.


Create custom medical plan quotes for your groups. Run comparison quotes, new hire quotes, and prospective plan quotes in Ease for groups already in the system. Ease has medical plan rates from leading insurance carriers and General Agents to make quoting quick and easy.

More Than Benefits

Save your clients time and help them increase employee engagement by adding HR tools to your technology offering.


Create and send offer letters, ensure completed W-4s and I-9s, and digitally collect signatures for policy documents.


Approve and request time off, access Company Directory, view Metrics, and more.

ACA Compliance

Ensure coverage offered meets government guidelines, send required notifications, and generate IRS forms.

Payroll Integration

Ease integrates with top tier payroll providers so your clients can sync deduction and demographic information.

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