What IS Social Media?

Even if you’re not sure exactly what social media is, you’ve no doubt heard that it’s important for your business, that everybody else is using it, and that if you’re not already in the social media swim, you’d better start doing something about it soon. These warnings may have you rolling your eyes, shrugging your shoulders, and shaking your head. After all, as a broker, you’re in the relationship business, not the Internet technology business. And in today’s world, social media is how many relationships are created and nurtured. It’s an increasingly important marketing tool.

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Email Tracking: What Happens After You Hit “Send”?

Email is one of the most common and efficient means we have of communicating with our prospects and clients.  Just hit “Send” and you can be reaching out to everyone on your contact list, sharing an industry insight – breaking news on the ACA that will impact your clients, or a major provider that’s just changed one of its key plans. Or you’re near-instantaneously following up one-on-one with a client on their request for more pricing details on the new proposal you’re working on.

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Introducing Broker Tool Belt, a blog for health insurance brokers.

Welcome to the Broker Tool Belt, a new health insurance broker blog.

Over the last decade and a half we’ve seen the rise in popularity of personal computers, the Internet, and mobile phones. With that rise has come a change in human interaction. We can instantly send a message to the other side of the world, share a video to 1,000 of our closest friends, and close business deals without ever meeting in-person. The constant in all this change, is people. The fundamentals of sales and client relationships haven’t change, but the mediums and mechanisms certainly have.

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