Ease Solidifies its Position as Top Broker Technology Solution

With the election drawing closer, the consumerization of healthcare is expected to become even more apparent in the industry. Connecting brokers with an easy to use all-in-one platform will help brokers, HR managers and employers nationwide navigate the chaos that will inevitably arise as more changes are made to the U.S. healthcare system.

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Ease and Unum Make Enrollment Easy for Small Businesses

Modern day employees seek benefit plans that offer more than just four trips to the doctor’s office per year. For instance, millennials tend to seek non-medical benefits that allow them to build their financial security. Things like home insurance, accident insurance, life insurance and disability insurance are known to attract and retain top talent.

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Colonial Life broadens enrollment solutions with Ease partnership

Brokers can bring clients streamlined employee benefits enrollment platform

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Colonial Life offering employees the chance to easily enroll in Colonial Life non-medical benefits during the enrollment process. See further details below.

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Technology for Insurance Brokers Makes Sense

Cisco and Capita recently released a report in the UK titled, “Trends vs. Technologies 2016 report”. The study showed that while everyone agrees tech is important, there is a huge gap between having that knowledge and putting it into practice.

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What’s Next for Online Enrollment Tools?

At Employee Benefit Adviser’s Workplace Benefits Mania Conference in Las Vegas this week, CEO David Reid spoke on a panel of experts about the future of online enrollment tools. “Look at decision-support tools implemented by small businesses compared with enterprise companies,” Reid said. “There is a big need, and [while] it is served well by the broker community, it is [currently] underserved by technology.”

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Employee Benefits Plan: One Size Fits None

Pinpointing a benefits plan can be a daunting task for business owners and HR managers. A slew of inconsistent variables amongst employees like age, plans for retirement, size of family, and medical conditions make it difficult to find wellness plans that meet everyone’s needs. For small businesses especially, finding the right wellness plan is a challenging task; one that usually requires a long, detailed vetting process, calculations, and approvals.

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Office Time Wasters- Best Practices for HR Departments

Summer is here and we are all looking for ways to leave the office earlier to enjoy the beautiful weather with family and friends. Human resources executives and benefits managers know that day-to-day processes can be both tedious and repetitive. They are some of the biggest office time wasters we know.

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