CEO Commentary: Protect Your Business with Correct Employee Classification

Thanks to a recent update to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, many small employers will be reviewing their pay structures ahead of the Dec. 1 deadline. CEO David Reid spoke with Manta about how companies can and should prepare.

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What’s Next for Online Enrollment Tools?

At Employee Benefit Adviser’s Workplace Benefits Mania Conference in Las Vegas this week, CEO David Reid spoke on a panel of experts about the future of online enrollment tools. “Look at decision-support tools implemented by small businesses compared with enterprise companies,” Reid said. “There is a big need, and [while] it is served well by the broker community, it is [currently] underserved by technology.”

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One Size Fits None

Pinpointing a benefits plan can be a daunting task for business owners and HR managers. A slew of inconsistent variables amongst employees like age, plans for retirement, size of family and medical conditions make it difficult to find wellness plans that meet everyone’s needs. For small businesses especially, finding the right wellness plan is a challenging task; one that usually requires a long, detailed vetting process, calculations and approvals.

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The Biggest Office Time Wasters- Best Practices for HR Departments

Summer is here and we are all looking for ways to leave the office earlier to enjoy the beautiful weather with family and friends. Human resources executives and benefits managers know that day-to-day processes can be both tedious and repetitive. They are some of the biggest office time wasters we know.

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Long-term effects of taking away short-term health care offerings

Are you between jobs and lacking a steady income, but still want to have health care insurance to cover unforeseen accidents or illnesses? Need a more affordable option and have no real pre-existing health issues?

A short-term medical care plan might be the best solution for you.

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Employee Benefit Adviser’s Dig|Benefits Conference

Did you happen to miss out on attending the Employee Benefit Adviser’s Dig|Benefits conference in Austin, Texas recently? Not to worry, Brian Kalish of Employee Benefits Adviser provides a quick recap of the event here and includes comment from Ease CEO David Reid who was a featured speaker at the conference. “Today’s ‘intense’ regulatory environment is setting the stage for innovation in benefits as ‘competitive pressures due to high costs are creating an appetite for alternatives, even in the traditionally immune small-business sector,’” said David Reid, founder and CEO of Ease.

Could Colorado be the first state to provide universal healthcare coverage?

Ease CEO David Reid recently spoke with Tracey Walker of Modern Medicine regarding how Colorado may be the first state to provide universal healthcare coverage. “People are dismayed at the results of the ACA [Affordable Care Act],” says David A. Reid, founder and CEO, Ease. “They expected low-cost healthcare and did not get it. The focus on universal government paid healthcare, to many, means ‘free healthcare.’” To read more on the Q&A see the article here