Employee Benefits Plan: One Size Fits None

two woman in front of computer selecting employee benefits plan

Pinpointing a benefits plan can be a daunting task for business owners and HR managers. A slew of inconsistent variables amongst employees like age, plans for retirement, size of family, and medical conditions make it difficult to find wellness plans that meet everyone’s needs. For small businesses especially, finding the right wellness plan is a challenging task; one that usually requires a long, detailed vetting process, calculations, and approvals.

A recent Guardian workplace benefits study found major differences in the concerns of employees in the first five years of their careers compared to near-retirees.

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If there are no one-size-fits-all employees why should companies be forced to choose one benefits program to meet unique needs? The answer is clear!

Growth Options Are Key

Companies and businesses grow in size, hire new employees, open new locations and create new internal processes that can put stress on plans for wellness initiatives. Furthermore, employees don’t stay young forever and their health and wellness needs change. Major life events like marriage, child birth or chronic illness shouldn’t shake up HR operations.

It’s important to choose benefits options that allow for growth and can change with a company’s workforce and new internal processes.

Employers Matter Too

Some young companies who have dedicated themselves to hiring Millennials have the privilege of a small spread; very little children who need to be included in wellness plans, fewer pre-existing conditions, and similar retirement goals. But for those who have very diverse workforces, finding one plan is nearly impossible.

Finding a plan that is both affordable and meets the company’s budget is another obstacle businesses have to face when offering employee benefits. Salary caps for top tier retirement plans like Prudential and Merrill Lynch make it difficult for young companies to gain access to high quality retirement options.

How We Can Help With Employee Benefits Plan

At Ease, we work to help businesses make benefits choices that fit the needs of all parties involved. No one employee nor business has the same wellness needs, and it’s important to offer options for all shapes and sizes.

Luckily, there are options out there that can allow companies to work with multiple carriers at once to provide unique options for employees at an affordable price for businesses.