4 Google Updates: SEO for Insurance Agents

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most constantly changing elements of digital marketing. It’s also essential for generating leads by driving traffic to your website. What makes the practice of SEO so challenging is keeping up with Google’s updates. The tech giant changes their search algorithm between 500-600 times a year! While most of those updates are minor, every so often they drop a bombshell of an update that completely changes how your website ranks. Google has already made some significant updates to SEO in 2018 and more changes are coming as soon as July. So, to keep you a step ahead, I’ll be giving you an overview of Google’s latest updates and what to expect for the future of SEO for insurance agents.

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Insurance Agency SEO Changes for 2018

SEO is one of the most constantly updating elements of digital marketing and 2018 will be no different. Due to new technologies, strategies, and a significant Google update that will change the game, the influences on insurance agency SEO will be different in the coming year. Insurance brokers need to get in front of these changes in order to grow and maintain strong search engine ranking results.

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Success with Insurance Agency SEO

Successful insurance agency SEO (search engine optimization) is a little bit like choosing to open a restaurant in downtown versus a country road. If you want to be easily accessible and attract new customers, it’s probably a good idea to be located on a main street.

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