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Ease brings SMB benefits enrollment and management into the digital age.

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Enrollment with Ease


The fastest way to put your clients online.

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Digitally Mapped Forms

5,000+ mapped carrier forms can be added to any plan in Ease. If you need a form we don’t have we’ll map it for you.

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Rules-Based System

Ease will highlight which fields are required before an employee can complete enrollment.

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Easy Submission

Submit enrollments to your General Agent, Carrier, and TPA partners directly from Ease.

Online Enrollment Has Never Been Easier


Streamlined, from setup to submission.

Client Setup

Create a company, add employees via a census file, and build plans with our 5,000+ digitally-mapped carrier forms. Pre-built plans can be added from your favorite partners with rates, forms, and documents pre-populated.

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Employee Enrollment

Employees view side-by-side plan comparisons with coverage details and the cost per-pay-period during benefits enrollment. A unique login allows employees to discuss benefit options at home with their dependents. They can log in 24/7 to view important benefit details like plan summaries and policy numbers.

Enrollment Management

Determine what employees are eligible for the plans you add and when. Access a dashboard with enrollment progress details and email employees yet to complete enrollment inside Ease. Save time at renewal by copying plan information from the previous year.

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Manage Changes

Identify changes that need to be communicated to carriers. Ease sends you email notifications when an employee adds a qualifying life event or changes a demographic detail that impacts their benefits. Control all updates yourself by limiting employees to make edits during specific date ranges.

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