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You are the expert on benefits. We make it easier for you to manage them. Get your SMB clients on Ease, and develop powerful new ways to grow your agency while providing them with a seamless benefits experience. Why you’ll love benefits with Ease:

  • Ease’s suite of online tools eliminates the need to collect paper forms. With 5,000+ digitally-mapped forms, you can streamline enrollment, reduce errors, cut the paperwork, and give your clients an easy-to-use tool to better manage changes throughout the year. 
  • You don’t need previous software knowledge to use Ease—our team has helped 15,000+ agency staff bring their clients online. The Ease system is quick and easy to implement, allowing you to be up and running in hours, ready to serve your clients.
  • Unlike other third-party companies, such as PEOs or direct-to-employer software, Ease is a broker-powered solution. What does that mean? Your agency subscribes to Ease, the system becomes an added value to your offering, and you decide when to onboard your clients to better serve them.
  • More than 1,500 agencies use Ease to bring their 2-100 life groups online. The system grows with you, offering tools like HRIS and payroll integrations when you and your clients are ready for them.

With Ease, you’ll go from dropping off, collecting, and sending out paper forms to a modernized enrollment and management process.

Ease’s technology is incredible, but what separates them from other benefit administration vendors is how much they understand the business of employee benefits.

Robin Ryan
Client Technology Services Consultant, Woodruff Sawyer

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