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Optum Financial

About the Ease & Optum Financial Partnership

Ease and Optum Financial have made it easier for brokers to provide their clients with a wide range of health accounts to achieve short- and long-term health and financial goals along with innovative products and services that create better health care financial experiences.

Ultimately, the relationship allows brokers to help their clients better navigate the financial side of health.

About Optum Financial

As the only financial institution owned by a health care company, Optum Financial transforms how employers and employees save, spend, invest and pay for health care. Our proprietary Health Finance JourneyTM model and the 5 Stages of Health Saving and Spending guide employees in saving for health care and retirement. Best-in-class educational materials along with marketing expertise drive engaging communications designed to help employees maximize their benefits and advance along the 5 Stages continuum. With intuitive digital experiences and innovative technology, our health and lifestyle accounts are straightforward to use, giving members the confidence they need to make better health decisions.

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