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With paper-free onboarding, integrated payroll solutions, and a seamless sync between deduction and benefits data, Ease is your company’s one-stop business solution. 


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  • “We’ve used a few different platforms for our group enrollments, Ease is by far the most intuitive and simple platform for our clients’ employees. But it’s also robust enough to handle any combination of plans we’ve set up.”

    - JR H.

  • “Ease has been an asset during the pandemic, allowing us to continue our service seamlessly. We’re able to ensure our clients are able to enroll, regardless of location. Onboarding and benefits education have been simplified and easily managed with Ease.”

    - Cathering L.

  • “Ease is a one-stop shop. The employees have one place to go, the employers have one place to go, and I have one place to go. You no longer have to log into multiple portals, which also helps eliminate errors. Whether it’s transposing numbers, birth dates, social security, it’s all in one place.”

    - Dee V.

  • “99% of our book of business is on Ease, no matter the size of the company. From HRIS to EaseConnect+, we use every service to the fullest. Not only do we love using Ease, but our employers and their employees love it as well.”

    - Dave T.

  • “With Ease, I save about 20 hours of work during open enrollment thanks to online submission of insurance forms.”

    - Joe M.

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