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Mastering a new system alone? Not on our watch. Have a question on the open enrollment best practices in Ease? We’re just a ticket submission away. Find yourself in a pickle while setting up new benefits plans? One call, and we’ll walk you through it. Can’t find the tool that you swore was under the settings tab? A quick chat will point you in the right direction. Our expert customer support team is prepped for any situation. 

The cherry on top: your Ease dream team.

Ease is a multi-faceted system with benefits plans, HR tools, connections, and more. To ensure you receive the best assistance, specialized teams tap in when you need them. Whether you have a question on a payroll connection, Aflac setup, or a carrier connection, lean on the experts. Submit your question through our Help Center and it will be assigned to the best team equipped with the right information. We understand that particular solutions or unique cases may require an extra hand or two. We got you.

Access assistance 24/7.

When you find yourself working off hours, Ease will help you burn the midnight oil. Our Help Center features how-to articles, walk-through videos, and various training tools at the ready. For the ultimate self-service option, do a quick search to find an article matching your question. Or take a right turn into Ease Academy to access a growing number of self-service training modules, our training series that covers broker tips, employer tricks, and ACA essentials. 

The options are endless.

Whether you prefer to talk through a question directly, complete a training module, or read through a help center article, you get to pick what works best for you. 




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