Reimagining Benefits Enrollment

Nearly 60 million employees from small and midsize businesses (SMBs) evaluate their health benefits each year. Ease helps insurance brokers streamline this complex process and offer their clients better service through simple technology.

Today, 2,000 health insurance agencies use Ease to forge a deeper relationship with their 70,000 clients.

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HR is About People

At Ease, we build technology to automate and improve the benefits and HR experience for business owners and employees. We also believe that health benefits is a personal experience. Through our partnership with the insurance broker community, we deliver the best benefits and HR experience in the country.

Innovation, Leadership, Trust

Ease works diligently to give our users a modern benefits management experience through our dedication to product innovation, industry leadership, and trust. This is the mindset with which co-founders David Reid, CEO, and Courtney Guertin, CTO, founded Ease.

Our Growing Community:


Health Insurance Agencies



2+ Million


15+ Million



Carrier, General Agent, & TPA Partners

An Employment Experience Like Never Before

Ease connects an ecosystem of brokers, business owners, HR admins, employees, insurance carriers, General Agents, and third-party administrators.
Our broker-first software solution is for agencies and businesses down to 2 employees. We’ve evolved alongside the industry, most recently with EaseConnect, a first-to-market solution for SMB carrier connectivity.
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West to East, We’re Here for Our Customers

We’re a venture-backed company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Las Vegas, New York City, and Omaha.



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