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HR designed for you.

Manage HR essentials and benefits enrollments in the same place.

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Why stop at being only a benefits solution? Be the business solution. HR is a crucial part of any company, and it’s time to make it easy.

Manage every aspect of HR.

Don’t stop at paid time off (PTO) requests. Tap into payroll connections, ACA reporting, onboarding and offboarding employees, and staying compliant. Keep the whole business on Ease for the best single sign-on experience for your employees.

Handle PTO, holidays, & vacations.

Your employees need a break. Guarantee adherence to PTO policies by submitting time-off requests directly through Ease. Once an employee submits a request, their manager can approve or deny it. Need to limit the amount of employees that are off on a certain day? Double check the coverage on the time-off calendar before approving new requests. The time-off calendar tracks which employees are on PTO, and can be customized with work holidays. 

See your org at a glance.

A full directory of employees at your fingertips. See the full list or move through the ranks in the organization chart. Start at the top with the CEO, and see the connections between employees. Even take a peek at the metrics pertaining to job titles, locations, or diversity. The information is tracked in Ease and organized for you.


New hires move through onboarding right into their benefits enrollments on Ease.


Don’t miss out on key offboarding steps — terminate employees directly in Ease.


Don’t stress about compliance. Let us take it from here.

Payroll plus benefits.

Connect your benefits with your payroll provider.

ACA season made easy.

Never miss a deadline and manage 1095 forms with your benefits platform.

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Level up your business by combining benefits and HR.

You’re the expert on benefits. We make it easier for you to manage them.

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