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Easy does it.

Run your work day in, day out, and year over year powered by the benefits management platform for groups 2-250. Purpose-built to scale your small group book of business.

The growth platform for the modern broker.

As a broker, you know that service means everything to your clients — both current and future ones. How do you offer more and more with less and less time? You can hire additional support staff, or you can dial in on a technology solution built by brokers.

Benefits matter.

And so do you.

Lightning-fast setup.

Select digitally-mapped enrollment forms, rates, contributions, eligibility, and more for each client. 

Direct carrier connections.

Direct connections with premium carriers provide large-group benefits for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Integrated HR solutions.

Set up employers with HR tools for better onboarding, payroll and benefits sync, and compliance. 

Too much email? Ease can help.

Manage your clients’ yeses, nos, and oh-nos seamlessly with Ease.






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