Enrollment Progress Made Easy

Enrollment Progress

Over 50,000 employers use Ease. At any given time, an HR admin is processing a termination, conducting performance reviews, or tracking enrollment progress for a new hire. This is the case for Nola Bowns, the HR Assistant at Discover Hope in Fremont, California. 

enrollment progress

Journey To An Easier Enrollment Process 

About one year ago, Discover Hope switched from ADP Totalsource to Ease. The solution was brought to them by their broker Premier Benefit Resources. Discover Hope realized that Ease had everything they needed in a benefits administration system, but at a more affordable price point. That, paired with the fact that Premier Benefit Resources would work with Discover Hope to set up and implement the system, made the decision a no-brainer.

When she joined Discover Hope, Nola learned Ease from a colleague.

“Learning the system did not take long for me, and it was quite self-explanatory.” 

The staff at Discover Hope had a similar experience. When they initially made the switch, Premier Benefit Resources completed all of the setup, including importing all of Discover Hope’s employees.

After the system was implemented, Nola estimates that it took each employee about an hour to learn the system. Discover Hope didn’t have to train their employees and the most that they have had to do is remind employees to finish the enrollment process. 

Using Ease

Enrollment ProgressNola uses the Enrollment Progress feature inside Ease on a regular basis.

“The fact that I can see whether employees have correctly completed their insurance forms right away reduces 50% of the time I spend on open enrollment. I know exactly what they’re missing, and can immediately communicate those facts to them.”

Premier Benefit Resources assists in this area too. They use Ease’s Enrollment Progress Dashboard to notify Nola where Discover Hope’s employees are in the enrollment process.

The Employee Experience

Employees have mentioned to Nola that the ability to access and enroll in benefits from anywhere is a huge asset.

“With Ease, employees save an hour during open enrollment. They also love that they can see the price per pay period for each of their benefit options.” 

The cost per pay period feature in Ease has decreased the number of questions Nola receives from employees during open enrollment.

“Cost was one of the most common questions we used to receive, but thanks to Ease that’s no longer an issue.” 

Nola troubleshoots any problems they may be having with Ease by accessing the employee view and taking screenshots of what may have been done incorrectly. 

Ease has also helped Discover Hope’s employees with onboarding, especially the W-4 and I-9 features.

“Ease’s onboarding allows our new employees to do the proper research at home and ask my team fewer questions, which leaves us more time to focus on our other daily tasks.” 

In The End

Nola summed up her experience with discovering online enrollment with one sentence.

It is convenient, accessible, and easy to learn. It makes my job easier and helps me manage difficult tasks during busy times like open enrollment.”