SEO for Insurance Agents: 4 Google Updates and What to Expect

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most constantly changing elements of digital marketing. Itís also essential for generating leads by driving traffic to your website. What makes the practice of SEO so challenging is keeping up with Googleís updates. The tech giant changes their search algorithm between 500-600 times a year! While most of those updates are minor, every so often they drop a bombshell of an update that completely changes how your website ranks. Google has already made some significant updates to SEO in 2018 and more changes are coming as soon as July. So, to keep you a step ahead, Iíll be giving you an overview of Googleís latest updates and what to expect for the future of SEO for insurance agents.


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SEO Ideas for Insurance Agencies Around Backlinking

Last week I shared content distribution best practices that insurance agents can easily implement. One of the practices I recommended was backlinking. In the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), backlinking is one of the most important factors in getting your website to show up on page one of Google search engine results. Thatís why Iíll list 3 SEO ideas for insurance agencies that revolve around backlinking.


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Insurance Website Design to Boost the Value of Your Brand

Happy New Year! Itís a new year with new opportunities to generate more leads, close more sales, and grow your book of business. Last year, on a number of occasions, I spoke about how marketing has shifted focus to the customer experience. Iíve previously discussed how to strategically optimize your insurance agent marketing plan to revolve around this concept; everything from content to branding. To get your new year started off right Iíll touch on an often overlooked aspect of marketing; insurance website design.


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Step by Step Insurance Agent Marketing – Part 1

Ever since we started the Broker Tool Belt Iíve outlined and explained various insurance agent marketing strategies, tips, tools, and resources. However, figuring out how to effectively put the pieces together can be daunting. So this week Iíll begin to outline a basic flow of phases and activities brokers should take to implement a modern insurance agent marketing strategy.


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Insurance Agency Retargeting Strategies & Tools

Weíve previously discussed the importance of having a modern website. Itís a great tool to increase inbound leads. While simply having a website will increase your agencyís inbound leads, thatís just half the battle. The next challenge is that itís very hard to convert ice cold website traffic into leads and sales. In fact, 96% of visitors to your agencyís website arenít ready to buy. This means theyíre going to leave your website, and most of the consumers who make up that percentage wonít come back. So how can you get those visitors back on track to convert? Well, this is where insurance agency retargeting comes into play.


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Insurance Agency Chatbots: A Virtual Assistant

In the context of chatbots for the insurance industry, some viewed this tool as a threat to brokers. The reality is, chatbots are a great tool to complement the services of a brokerage; not replace them. At Broker Tool Belt we stay up to date with trending marketing technologies that can assist agents in taking their marketing strategy to the next level. This week we discuss the benefits, and use cases of†insurance agency chatbots.†


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Top Picks: Insurance Market Research Tools

We talk about digital marketing a lot. One recurring element about digital marketing is leveraging data insights to create relevant campaigns for qualified leads. In order to effectively accomplish this, itís crucial to identify your target audience. This can be achieved by using insurance market research tools.


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Insurance Agency Retention Marketing to Face Today’s Landscape

The insurance agency industry is incredibly competitive. With the meteoritic rise of technology, new competitors have exploded into the market and provide a more satisfying process to consumers. Meanwhile, many insurance agencies have been slow to update their sales and marketing practices. This is why it’s essential to prioritize†insurance agency retention marketing to compete in today’s landscape.


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Open Enrollment Season: Agency Marketing

Open enrollment season is coming, and now is the time to maximize your agencyís brand exposure to drum up new business. As we touched on last week, insurance is confusing. When consumers need to find information, they turn to Google and social media. Yet, a startling, 50% of independent agents do not have a website, and only 17% have online quoting capabilities.


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