Customer Buying Behavior For Insurance Agencies

In a time in which customers demand a personalized digital experience, understanding customer behavior is key to capture leads more effectively. But gathering information about your prospects and establishing their whereabouts is easier said than done. The marketing funnel and the customer journey are tools to ease the challenge. Both can help brokers gain insights into how leads become clients, but they are not interchangeable. In this week’s post, we explain how to combine the marketing funnel and the customer journey to understand customer buying behavior for insurance agencies and help you boost your lead nurture strategy.

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Understanding User Intent For Insurance Marketing

The customer journey is harder to predict than ever. As a result, foreseeing the user intent for insurance marketing becomes a more difficult job. In an increasingly connected world, customers demand personalized digital experiences, highly-relevant and tailored communications, and a match for their needs and preferences. Customer expectations are at an all-time high, while their patience is at an all-time low. For this reason, when creating a content strategy, one of the questions we need to answer beforehand is “what does it solve for the client?” or, in other words, “what is the user intent?”. In this week’s post, we will focus on understanding user intent for insurance marketing to help you get ahead of your prospective clients. 

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Insurance Marketing: Customer Journey Mapping

Most brokers understand how rapidly the industry is changing. Between customer behavior, Insurtech, and digital marketing, trying to keep up can be as difficult as me without morning coffee (trust me, it’s not pretty). The reality is industries across the board are experiencing shifts in one form or the other, all thanks to technology. I can safely tell you digital marketing is no more immune to it than the insurance industry. So what’s the latest and greatest in the digital marketing realm? Customer journey mapping, and it’s as relevant to your insurance agency marketing strategy as it is to digital marketers worldwide.

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