Ease Report Reveals Stark Regional Differences in Insurance Price Increases, Plan Variety

SAN FRANCISCO, January 11, 2020Ease, the country’s leading benefits and HR administration software for small businesses, powered by insurance brokers, today released its first annual SMB Benefits and Employee Insights Report, which found businesses are coping with steep premium increases by offering a greater variety of plans that span a wider range of pricing. 

“With premiums on the rise nationwide, business owners are clamoring for ways to control costs while still offering quality benefits to valued employees,” said Ease co-founder and CEO David Reid. “We’ve found that businesses are combatting this financial pressure, which impacts businesses and employers alike, by offering more plan options than ever before. The West Coast is leading this trend, which we expect to proliferate throughout the country in the coming years.” 

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How to Increase Insurance Customer Engagement

Successful insurance agents understand the value of quality customer service. Establishing strong, long-lasting business relationships is crucial to longevity and continued growth. However, due to the evolution of technology across various industries, customer expectations have grown. Add in the values of the modern consumer and you have a recipe for change. While brokers are beginning to adopt technology solutions to create a more seamless workflow, it’s also important to consider the customer service expectations of today’s consumer. In order for brokers to be competitive, they need to provide a brand experience that will increase insurance customer engagement.

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Insurance Agency Scheduling Tools: A Better Workday

The insurance agency industry is anything but slow. It’s difficult to get your hands on some free time between open enrollment, recruiting new groups, and adding new lines of coverage. Everyday life when running a business is hectic. Scheduling meetings, leading marketing and development, managing employees, and creating a work environment that makes everyone happy, just to name a few things. (If you’re looking for help with digital marketing, check out this guide.) Luckily, there are insurance agency scheduling tools to help increase efficiency and save time.

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What Should You Do If Your Obamacare Insurer Cancels Your Policy?

David Reid, CEO of Ease, spoke with thestreet.com about what could happen if your Obamacare insurer cancels your policy.

“This might not be the optimal solution,” said David Reid.

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25 Gadgets Advisers Cannot Live Without

CEO of Ease, David Reid, weighed in on 25 modern gadgets advisers can’t live without.

“I like it for the combination of simplicity and benefit it provides. You just enter a zip code, type of doctor you need, name of health plan, then you get the providers that are part of your plan.”

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