Insurance Agency Landing Pages to Boost Conversion Rates

Having a great website is the first step in establishing your insurance agency’s online presence. But when implementing digital marketing activities, landing pages are key to drive leads, increase referrals, and ultimately sell insurance. Many companies send all their online traffic to their homepage, but this can be a big mistake. Without a good landing page, the time and effort you spend trying to generate leads can be wasted. In this week’s post, we explain what landing pages are, why they are different from your homepage, and how to create exceptional insurance agency landing pages to boost conversion rates.

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Insurance Customer Journey Mapping to Improve Your Marketing

Most brokers understand how rapidly the industry is changing. Between customer behavior, Insurtech, and digital marketing, trying to keep up can be as difficult as me without morning coffee (trust me, it’s not pretty). The reality is industries across the board are experiencing shifts in one form or the other, all thanks to technology. I can safely tell you digital marketing is no more immune to it than the insurance industry. So what’s the latest and greatest in the digital marketing realm? Insurance customer journey mapping, and it’s as relevant to your insurance agency marketing strategy as it is to digital marketers worldwide.

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Insurance Email Marketing Trends to Keep Leads Engaged

Email marketing is commonly used by many industries to engage with leads and customers alike. That’s why this week on the Broker Tool Belt, we’re listing out the top 5 emerging insurance email marketing trends to look out for heading into years to come.

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Top Picks: Insurance Market Research Tools

We talk about digital marketing a lot. One recurring element about digital marketing is leveraging data insights to create relevant campaigns for qualified leads. In order to effectively accomplish this, it’s crucial to identify your target audience. This can be achieved by using insurance market research tools.

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Insurance Agency Retention Marketing to Face Today’s Landscape

The insurance agency industry is incredibly competitive. With the meteoritic rise of technology, new competitors have exploded into the market and provide a more satisfying process to consumers. Meanwhile, many insurance agencies have been slow to update their sales and marketing practices. This is why it’s essential to prioritize insurance agency retention marketing to compete in today’s landscape.

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Insurance Thought Leadership Strategies to Guide Consumers

Insurance is a very confusing industry. Specific terms, like deductibles and coinsurance, leave consumers unsure of what they’re paying for. In fact, research shows that 96% of Americans can’t correctly define the top 4 health insurance terms (deductibles, co-insurance, co-pay, and out-of-pocket maximum). This leaves many Americans doubtful in their ability to select the right insurance plan to meet their needs. Enter the broker; the specialist who can guide consumers and small businesses through the labyrinth of insurance. The crucial element is convincing prospects that you’re the expert of the industry in comparison to your competitors. The most effective way to accomplish this is by implementing a strong insurance thought leadership strategy. 

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Insurance Agency Brand Identity to Increase Conversions

To thrive in a highly competitive environment like the insurance industry takes a lot of technical expertise, a thorough understanding of digital marketing, and a strong insurance agency brand identity.

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Insurance Agency Referral Marketing: Creating Brand Ambassadors

Did you know that 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends, colleagues, and family, over all forms of advertising? That’s a pretty amazing statistic, especially because your agency can capitalize on it with insurance agency referral marketing.

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Insurance Video Marketing Strategies to Improve Client Relations

In this digital era where most client-facing interactions are conducted over email or by phone, it’s very easy to lose that human touch. Insurance video marketing is an effective strategy to bridging the gap between technology and client relations, while also increasing conversions.

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Insurance Agency Marketing Content Strategy

Let’s face it; everything has gone digital, and in this digital-centric business-to-business (B2B) landscape, content marketing has become a significantly useful tool to generate leads. Insurance agency marketing content is a key factor in separating your agency from competitors to generate high-quality leads.

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