Inbound Marketing for Insurance Agencies

The benefits industry is incredibly competitive. As more brokers optimize their online presence, digital marketing among agencies will become saturated. The competition is staggering, so how do you stand out from the pack? With inbound marketing for insurance agencies.

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The Ultimate Content Marketing Framework for Brokers

In recent years, marketing has evolved to revolve around the customer. Companies across various industries now create content that speaks directly to their target audience. However, many companies – insurance agencies included – fail to implement a content strategy that’s relevant to the specific stage of the funnel their target audience is at the moment they engage with their brand. That’s why this week I’ll outline the ultimate content marketing framework for brokers – the See Think Do content marketing strategy.

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Insurance Agency Website Chat Tools

A few weeks ago I briefly touched on the rise of instant messaging as a popular communication channel for younger members of the workforce. I’ve previously discussed how brokers can use Facebook Messenger’s chatbot feature to integrate instant messaging into their marketing strategy. This week I’ll take a look at some easy-to-use tools you can adopt to integrate live chat as a communication channel on your website. These insurance agency website chat tools will help you modernize your marketing strategy.

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Insurance Marketing to Millennial B2B Buyers in 2018

A few weeks ago, I discussed the necessity for benefit brokers to optimize the customer experience in order to stay relevant in today’s landscape. Achieving this requires you to customize your marketing strategy to the preferences of your target audience. For benefit brokers, the challenge lies in the fact that the workforce is evolving and millennials now have a significant influence on B2B purchasing decisions. With that in mind, this week I’ll take an in-depth look into insurance marketing to Millennial B2B buyers.

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Creating an Insurance Lead Generating Guide

Last week I discussed how modern insurance marketing requires brokers to optimize the customer experience. An essential element to this strategy is marketing content. In last week’s blog, I shared data that found Generation X and Baby Boomers prefer readable content. This week I’ll discuss in depth how to create and utilize one popular piece of content amongst B2B buyers to optimize the customer experience and help you generate more leads in the process; an insurance lead generating guide.

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Facebook Update Harms Insurance Marketing: But Don’t Panic!

Many insurance brokers rely on Facebook as a medium for maintaining their online presence; in some extreme cases, it’s their only online channel. It makes sense, there are 2.07 billion active users on the social media channel and the reality is everyone – at some point in life – needs insurance. But, as the saying goes, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Facebook launched an update to their News Feed that has already caused marketers to start scrambling for a solution. The most recent Facebook update harms insurance marketing as well.

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Step by Step Insurance Agent Marketing – Part 1

Ever since we started the Broker Tool Belt I’ve outlined and explained various insurance agent marketing strategies, tips, tools, and resources. However, figuring out how to effectively put the pieces together can be daunting. So this week I’ll begin to outline a basic flow of phases and activities brokers should take to implement a modern insurance agent marketing strategy.

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How to Increase Insurance Customer Engagement

Successful insurance agents understand the value of quality customer service. Establishing strong, long-lasting business relationships is crucial to longevity and continued growth. However, due to the evolution of technology across various industries, customer expectations have grown. Add in the values of the modern consumer and you have a recipe for change. While brokers are beginning to adopt technology solutions to create a more seamless workflow, it’s also important to consider the customer service expectations of today’s consumer. In order for brokers to be competitive, they need to provide a brand experience that will increase insurance customer engagement.

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How to Sell Insurance

How to sell insurance? It differs from the way sales functions in almost all other categories. Think about it, no one goes home to unpack a bag of insurance! Unlike retail, insurance is an intangible promise – peace of mind. To a certain extent, you’re selling yourself; that you’re the expert who will provide your clients with coverage when it’s needed most.

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Insurance Marketing: Customer Journey Mapping

Most brokers understand how rapidly the industry is changing. Between customer behavior, Insurtech, and digital marketing, trying to keep up can be as difficult as me without morning coffee (trust me, it’s not pretty). The reality is industries across the board are experiencing shifts in one form or the other, all thanks to technology. I can safely tell you digital marketing is no more immune to it than the insurance industry. So what’s the latest and greatest in the digital marketing realm? Customer journey mapping, and it’s as relevant to your insurance agency marketing strategy as it is to digital marketers worldwide.

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