What It Takes to Run Successful Virtual Meetings

Over the past several weeks, much of the global workforce has shifted to a working-from-home model. While nothing can replace in-person connections, video meetings are the next best thing and have quickly become the new normal in this unprecedented environment. However, virtual meetings can pose some challenges. Whether you are joining internal team meetings or hosting external client/prospect meetings, you want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we share advice on how to run successful virtual meetings, along with how to get over the initial discomfort so you can start building stronger and faster relationships.

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Tips for Insurance Agencies Working Remotely

Remote work was a trend that companies were shifting toward even before the Coronavirus outbreak. However, we can be certain that this unprecedented situation has had the biggest role in pushing it forward. Many insurance agencies have been quickly thrown into a working from home model in the last month. But what if you don’t have experience working remotely? In this new environment, group insurance brokers will be tested in their ability to maintain the level of service they used to provide in person. In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we share four tips for insurance agencies working remotely, helping them to keep operating business as usual, maintain productivity, and successfully create remote work guidelines to empower their team.

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Connect With Clients While Physical Distancing

It’s easy to let fear in these days. The challenges we’re facing are unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. And now, more than ever, your clients look to you to help them navigate through these unprecedented times. The World Health Organization (WHO) established that we need to stay six feet away from each other to keep physical distance and stop the virus from spreading. But that doesn’t mean you stop supporting your clients. You might not be able to control the crisis, but you can control your response to it. In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we share five tips to connect with clients while physical distancing.

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The 10-Step Checklist to Grow Insurance Businesses

Times are chaotic and uncertain to grow insurance businesses, and while we don’t have all the answers, we want to offer you some guidance to help you navigate this situation. Let’s take control and work together to minimize the impact on your business and come out on the other side stronger than ever. 

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Open Enrollment Period Is a Marathon: Be Prepared Year-Round

Open enrollment period is the most stressful time of the year for you and your groups. During those last months, HR professionals try to present employees with the most qualified healthcare options, employees attempt to choose the best plan for themselves and their dependents, and you need to be ready to help at any time as their expert advisor. However, the work shouldn’t start in October. Open enrollment period is not a sprint, it’s a marathon you should be preparing for each quarter. In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we share what you need to do each quarter to make the most of open enrollment, stay organized, and be successful during the next busy season.

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Get Your Insurance Prospecting Tactics On Point for 2020

Now that open enrollment season is behind you, what are you going to direct your attention to? While Q1 is the perfect time for you to focus on generating leads, prospecting is often considered time-consuming and tedious. Finding new clients is challenging enough, so if you approach prospecting with a lack of enthusiasm, attracting qualified prospects will become even harder. How can you effectively find more SMB looking for a new broker without throwing your day away? In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we share insurance prospecting tactics to help make your efforts easier and more effective so you can grow your agency in 2020.

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New Insurance Marketing Ideas for Brokers in 2020

2020 has arrived with new opportunities to generate more leads, sign more BORs, and grow your book of business. Whether it’s acquiring new businesses, onboarding, or open enrollment season, as a health insurance broker you are probably thinking of a few areas you can improve in your agency to have an even more profitable year. It’s too late to change last year’s results, but it’s a great time to set your goals for 2020. What are your professional resolutions this year? In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we share four new insurance marketing ideas for brokers to succeed in 2020 and years to come!

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How to Increase Insurance Agency Client Retention

Open enrollment season is winding down. What should your focus be next? In today’s competitive marketplace, retaining your clients is key to ensure long-term profits. The average customer retention rate in the insurance industry is 84%, while the top five companies have a 93%-95% customer retention rate. This difference can represent a potential loss for you. Furthermore, it costs seven to nine times more for an insurance agency to attract a new customer than to retain one. Since replacing lost clients will cost you more, it makes economic sense to focus your efforts on keeping the clients that already trust you. In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we share 4 programs to increase insurance agency client retention and help you succeed in 2020. 

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PPC for Insurance Agents to Grow Their Agency

When you sell insurance, competition can be a serious drawback. You are up against others who are looking to attract the same prospects with a very similar offer. What can you do to stand out? Most likely, employers in need of a group insurance broker will conduct online research before making a final decision. For this reason, building a strong online presence will ensure you are among the final choices. One of the fastest ways to increase your online visibility is through a PPC campaign. In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we share how to implement PPC for insurance agents.

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Engage Insurance Leads with a Powerful Newsletter

A basic challenge you can encounter when selling insurance is that not every lead will answer your phone calls or emails on the first try. However, if you want to succeed in the insurance industry, you can’t give up on these valuable prospects. It’s important to set expectations for how many times you should engage with a lead before moving on to the next one. Have you reflected on the strategy you have in place to interest your leads? There are a wide variety of techniques you can start implementing today, but in this week’s post, we focus on how to engage insurance leads with a powerful email newsletter.

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