Digital Insurance Brokers Share Exclusive Open Enrollment Insights

After surviving last year’s open enrollment in the midst of the pandemic, fewer than 1% of agencies expect to not do any business digitally this open enrollment (OE) season. Are you part of that club? (Psst: You don’t want to be.) This past July, brokers and other agency staff throughout the U.S. shared their thoughts during our annual open enrollment survey. You can check out these exclusive open enrollment insights in The 2021 Digital Broker’s Open Enrollment Readiness Report available now.

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Open Enrollment Trends for 2020: Ease’s Q4 Preparedness Report

Do you have a plan in place to proactively support your clients this open enrollment season amidst a global pandemic? In an instant, COVID-19 upended our sense of normalcy, including the way we live and do business. As you prepare for an open enrollment season unlike anything you’ve seen before, one thing is clear: now is the time to be prepared. Ease partnered with general agents and health insurance carriers to survey nearly 600 brokers, account managers, and agency owners and discovered several open enrollment trends for 2020. 

Through the 2020 Fourth Quarter Preparedness Report, we learned how the pandemic has changed the way insurance agencies think about investing in technology, as well as how the pandemic has affected business over the course of the last several months. In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we share the highlights to help you prepare for the upcoming open enrollment and better serve your clients.

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Open Enrollment Communications Tips for Insurance Brokers

Under normal circumstances, open enrollment is already a stressful time for insurance brokers. In 2020, amidst a pandemic, the enrollment season has become even more complex. Without the ability to meet clients in person, effective open enrollment communications will be vital. You have done the hard work to put together benefits plans that cover your clients’ needs, but if employees don’t understand their benefits and their value, how are they going to appreciate them? Great benefits deserve great communications.

Furthermore, in today’s job market, a competitive benefits package is a great tool to attract talent. It also enhances employee engagement and retention. Without the right communications plan, employees can miss out on the valuable benefits offerings, causing dissatisfaction and losses for both you and your clients. In this Broker Tool Belt post, we share tips for insurance brokers to build effective open enrollment communications, ensure employee participation, and keep moving your business forward to define the next normal.

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Open Enrollment Period Is a Marathon: Be Prepared Year-Round

Open enrollment period is the most stressful time of the year for you and your groups. During those last months, HR professionals try to present employees with the most qualified healthcare options, employees attempt to choose the best plan for themselves and their dependents, and you need to be ready to help at any time as their expert advisor. However, the work shouldn’t start in October. Open enrollment period is not a sprint, it’s a marathon you should be preparing for each quarter. In this week’s Broker Tool Belt, we share what you need to do each quarter to make the most of open enrollment, stay organized, and be successful during the next busy season.

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Open Enrollment Ideas for Insurance Agents

Open enrollment season has arrived. This Fall, employees will be enrolling in a health insurance plan. At the same time, employers will be working hard to present them with the best options in the most comprehensive way. HR professionals live under high stress during this period since they are responsible for managing heavy administrative processes. Here is where you come in: the expert broker ready to help. The open enrollment season is also a stressful time for you, but it offers the opportunity to drive more revenue than any other time of the year. In this week’s post, open enrollment ideas for insurance agents.

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Open Enrollment Season: Agency Marketing

Open enrollment season is coming, and now is the time to maximize your agency’s brand exposure to drum up new business. As we touched on last week, insurance is confusing. When consumers need to find information, they turn to Google and social media. Yet, a startling, 50% of independent agents do not have a website, and only 17% have online quoting capabilities.

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