How Employees Enroll with Ease

Take a look at the employee experience:

Step 1
Employees log in to Ease with their own unique credentials and password. If it’s an employee’s first time in Ease, they are sent an email with a unique link that allows them to create their own password.

Step 2
Employees are then taken to their profile where they are prompted to enter necessary information, such as full name, gender, address, and social security numbers. Details from here are pulled into the appropriate fields, eliminating duplicate data entry.

Step 3
The platform is configured to only show employees the benefits, plans, and rates that they are eligible for. Employee contributions are displayed per paycheck.

Step 4
Employees can always get more information by watching videos, reading benefit summaries, or using carrier network search tools or calculators.

Step 5
After employees have elected coverage and designated beneficiaries, they will be prompted to review enrollment forms and electronically sign with their mouse or trackpad. They’ll receive confirmation of their elections, covered dependents, and total costs.

How Employees Enroll with Ease

Employees can access their Enrollment Summary year-round. They can also view benefit summaries via the Ease Android or iOS mobile app.
All insurance forms are mapped with a rules-based system, meaning employees can’t submit forms with missing information.
Employee enrollment is available in Spanish and both Simplified and Modern Chinese.
Employees can make changes year-round. Company admins and/or brokers can then view the change and approve/decline it.
Employees see a status bar that tells them how much of the enrollment process they have completed. Employers can view the employee’s status with one easy-to-read dashboard or an exported excel file.
Brokers and company admins can add a company-wide lock enrollment date that prevents employees from making changes to their benefits outside of Open Enrollment dates.

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