About the Ease & Beam Dental Partnership

Ease and Beam have connected to make benefits enrollment easier for businesses and employees. With the Beam connection enrollments are submitted directly to Beam.

This connection gives brokers the ability to quickly add Beam’s plans for each of their groups. Enrollments and any changes, adds, and terminations will be sent to Beam directly from Ease.

This is an EaseConnect+ connection and therefore Ease will manage the entire setup of this connection for brokers and their groups.

About Beam Dental

Beam Dental was built around the idea that blending technology with traditional insurance policies could bring incredible value to a commoditized employee benefits market. Beam is the only digitally native employee benefits company that provides the industry’s most innovative dental insurance product. Beam Dental combines an easy-to-use online insurance platform, AI-powered underwriting, and the connected Beam Toothbrush for better overall wellness.* Beam has raised over $170 million in venture capital funding and is the only digital company within the $100+ billion employee benefits category. Beam also offers vision insurance, and group life and disability coverage for employers of all sizes. Beam is available in over 43 states around the U.S. and is accepted at over 400,000 access points nationwide.

*To learn more about Beam, visit www.beam.dental.

Additional Resources

Beam Website