About the Ease & BenefitsGuide Partnership

With the Ease and BenefitsGuide integration, easily load all your groups and eliminate redundant data entry. Using the data from within the BenefitsGuide: Insurance Agency Management System, all the newly created or updated employees and their benefit elections automatically sync from Ease to BenefitsGuide.

About BenefitsGuide 

The BenefitsGuide Insurance Agency Management System was originally launched in February 2009, and is a highly customized version of the Salesforce platform that is specifically designed for the employee benefit broker business. Over time, BenefitsGuide has evolved into a world-class application that streamlines the process of selling and servicing group insurance from the perspective of the broker, general agent, and insurance carrier.

Today, as an insurance broker, you can have the very same latest and greatest best in the world kind of tools that are being used to manage, track, support and analyze the different operations of the largest and most progressive global enterprise organizations.

You don’t need to customize anything. We have already done that for you. You simply pay a monthly fee for each employee who needs access to the service.

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