About the Ease & ConsumerDirect, Inc. Partnership

Ease partners with ConsumerDirect, Inc. to empower and protect clients with the best credit, money, and privacy technology using ScoreMaster®. Brokers gain access to a suite of tools to help improve client credit scores, allow them to borrow money or pay down debt in the most effective way, remove unwanted personal information from data-broker websites to reduce the likelihood of spam and fraud, and access $1million whole-household ID fraud insurance to protect against financial losses if a member become a victim of fraud.

About ConsumerDirect, Inc.

ConsumerDirect, Inc. is a group of fun and creative people with a culture of communication and inclusion. Their free flow of ideas are constantly adding to their mission of helping people they don’t even know achieve their full financial potential and have more privacy.

They started in 2003 by creating and patenting a core technology that enables consumers to interact directly with their banks, creditors, and other institutions using a simple button. This new centralized way for consumers to quickly resolve problems and ask questions without the need to write letters, make phone calls, send emails, or use a chatbot has revolutionized the industries that we service.

Patented Technology

As a passionate and driven company, ConsumerDirect, Inc. continues to create new and innovative technologies to help them more fully realize our mission. To emphasize their technological excellence, they’ve been granted five patents to protect the uniqueness and power of their services.

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