About the Ease & Decent Partnership

With our Decent connection, you can easily add and manage small group medical plans for groups based in Texas.

This connection gives you the ability to quickly add Decent’s plans for each of your groups. Enrollments and any changes, adds, and terminations will be sent to Decent directly from Ease.

About Decent

Decent is obsessed with one goal – affordable health insurance for all. 

We’ve launched small business plan options with a fully insured feel, at close to self-insured pricing. With Decent, employers often save 40% on their monthly health insurance payments while actually making their employees MORE happy due to Decent’s $0 medical deductible plans and unlimited, free primary care. All with no medical underwriting.

We’ve managed to pull this off while keeping a customer satisfaction score five times industry average. Your clients are going to love us.

Additional Resources

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