About the Ease & eBenefits Network Partnership 

With the Ease and eBenefits Network integration, easily offer your groups eBenefits Network’s automated enrollment solution, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). With Ease and eBN’s EDI, all of your relevant, updated demographic and enrollment data is securely transferred from Ease to your preferred carriers on time, without manual data entry, and free of human errors.

Reduce efforts and unknown overpayments by letting eBN’s Billing Reconciliation tool help your employers spot mismatches in the carrier’s invoice. eBN’s solution pulls the data from the Ease platform and within minutes, compares the data and produces a user friendly report with drill down technology on each employee that has a mismatch.

About eBenefits Network

We are a team of passionate domain experts, innovators, creators, engineers and an awesome support team that are thrilled to be working in this industry and are obsessed with our partners and clients successes. We are not perfect beings but we do work very hard each day to improve and take responsibility for our decisions and actions. But most importantly, we work very hard to earn your trust by communicating effectively, delivering quality and are focused on your success. We strongly believe that our partners and clients are more successful with us largely due to our US-based resources, designated Success Managers, flexible processes and a customer friendly portal that provides a high level account overview as well as drill down features to tracking and managing implementations and production support.

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