About the Ease & MASA MTS Partnership

MASA MTS is a value-added voluntary benefits selection on Ease’s dynamic benefits platform. MASA MTS provides a healthcare gap coverage specifically dedicated to emergency transportation and related costs. Once a healthcare plan pays its portion, MASA MTS works with ambulance providers to ensure that a member incurs no out-of-pocket costs for ground or air ambulance transportation, including coverage for co-pays and deductibles. Considering the average cost of a ground ambulance ride is $1,5001 (1) and $24,0002 (2) for an air ambulance, the addition of MASA MTS to your enrollment lineup on the Ease marketplace will offer clients and their employees ultimate peace of mind.  

Sources: (1)Healthcare Insider (2)FAIR Health


When emergencies happen, you rarely have any control over who renders services. And, you have no time to worry about whether an ambulance is in your health plan’s network. Fortunately, there is a solution: MASA MTS provides the ultimate peace of mind if you ever require emergency ground or air ambulance transportation coverage within the continental United States, and while traveling in Canada, regardless of whether the provider is in or out of a given group healthcare benefits network. After the group health plan pays its portion, MASA MTS works with providers to make certain our members have no out-of-pocket expenses* for emergency ambulance transportation assistance and other related services. This includes coverage for any required copays or deductibles. As a result, you never need to worry about how you’ll pay for this crucial transportation. With over 2 million members, MASA MTS delivers added coverage when needed most.

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