Ease and National Enrollment Partners

National Enrollment Partners

About the Ease & National Enrollment Partners Partnership

NEP’s firms have partnered with Ease to provide brokers and clients of all sizes a three-step approach to effectively implementing Ease for long term success. NEP’s firms will build and validate the initial setup of Ease. They will train each client on how to effectively manage all events including new hires, qualifying events, terminations and annual open enrollments. NEP offers all clients a, “Five Year Enrollment Commitment” that starts with an active enrollment, assisting employees with the initial login to Ease, an education of all their benefit options and a tour of Ease, teaching employees how to manage their future open enrollments.

About National Enrollment Partners

National Enrollment Partners is a national network of local enrollment firms each with over 15 years of experience in the enrollment business. Its membership is made of the highest‑quality independent enrollment firms in the country. Now brokers and companies of all sizes have one place to look for consistent quality, national coverage and innovative ways to save on Enrollment costs.

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