About the Ease and Paylocity Partnership

Make benefits and payroll easy for your groups that use Paylocity. With this integration, payroll and benefits are in sync with automated, daily, changes-only demographic files synced from Ease to Paylocity.

  • Enter new hires into Paylocity and the integration will automatically update Ease with new hire data
  • Deductions will flow over to Paylocity updating the employee?s payroll record with the appropriate benefit deduction
  • Open enrollment deductions for the new year are automatically loaded into Paylocity
  • Automated, daily, changes-only demographic files synced from Paylocity to Ease and daily deduction files synced from Ease to Paylocity

About Paylocity

Simplify payroll with intuitive, powerful cloud software that reduces administrative burden and puts real insight and analytics at your fingertips.

Headquartered just outside Chicago, Paylocity has revolutionized the marketplace for payroll and human resources professionals for more than 20 years. Founded in 1997, Steve Sarowitz built Paylocity on the basis of innovation in a stale industry. Today, with the guidance of our CEO Steve Beauchamp, Paylocity continues to push the envelope not only for our clients, but also for our employees.