About the Ease & Smylen Partnership

With the Ease and Smylen integration, offer your groups flexible and engaging dental coverage. Smylen works alongside existing dental plans or as a stand-alone coverage option and has zero participation requirements or qualifying criteria. Smylen will guide employees through the process of finding a dentist, scheduling appointments, making payments, and more.

About Smylen

Smylen eliminates the hassle of seeking dental treatment for your team.

Our pay-as-you-go dental plan offers members access to best pricing on all dental treatments (discounted up to 70%), a curated network of top dentists, and our beloved Airbnb-style booking UX. Our platform and team handle the entire patient journey: answering dental questions, finding the right provider, appointment scheduling, payments, paperless pre-registration – we do it all and ensure the member experience is top-notch.

Smylen works alongside your existing insurance plan or as a stand-alone option – so that everyone on your team can benefit from our modern solution. Thousands of employers are offering Smylen – come see why.

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