About the Ease & TASC Partnership

The Ease and TASC integration enables your clients to quickly and easily enroll and manage all of their benefits within one, instantly configurable benefits cloud platform. This integration enables an easy and seamless user experience with increased efficiency and reduced data entry errors and administration burden (by up to 60%).

Products supported within this integration include Universal Benefit Account with HRA, HSA, Dependent Care FSA, Healthcare FSA, Transit and Parking, as well as Compliance and COBRA Administration services.

About TASC

TASC started in 1975 with a simple, yet innovative idea of enabling small businesses to reap the same tax-advantages as larger companies.

After 45 years in business, with a new innovation every two years, TASC now serves more than 80,000 small, medium and large customers. We are blazing new trails with a one-of-a-kind, industry-first, instantly configurable benefits cloud platform.

Key Benefits

Custom Plans = Attract, Engage, Retain and Grow!

Your clients care about keeping their employees safe, happy and productive. TASC Universal Benefit Account is the only solution available today that enables your clients to instantly configure more than 60 benefits to create custom plans that meet employee needs where they are in life. Other benefits include Home Office, Emergency Response, Tuition & Loan reimbursements.

When nearly any benefit need can be met, participants are more involved, leading to increased engagement, enrollment, contributions, and tax savings.

Stand Out!

When you are a ‘first-mover’ in leveraging TASC Universal Benefit Account, a one-of-a-kind industry first, you gain a competitive advantage.6

Additional Resources

TASC Website