About the Ease & United Concordia Dental Partnership

With our United Concordia Dental connection, you can easily add and manage United Concordia’s benefit plans.

And now United Concordia offers vision insurance designed to be bundled with their dental plans! UC ClearVision™ is powered by the solid administration experience of their partner VSP® Vision Care, a company that shares a commitment to overall wellness and early disease detection.

About United Concordia Dental

United Concordia Dental has been driven by a simple truth: a healthy mouth is a vital component of a healthy body. Members have access to high-quality oral health care and one of the nation’s largest networks through our innovative and easy-to-use dental plans. From standard PPOs and DHMOs to unique add-ons like Smile for Health®-Wellness, United Concordia offers products that support your clients’ oral and overall health.

Why choose United Concordia Dental?

  • 50+ years of experience. Our focus has always been on providing quality, innovative, easy to-use dental plans for companies of all sizes. It’s why so many members and clients trust us with their oral health.
  • Access to a large national network. One of the nation’s largest networks means members can receive high-quality care at affordable prices from dentists close to home or work.
  • Dental insurance made easy. Online portals, self-service member tools and an exceptional customer service team make managing benefits a simple and engaging experience.
  • Dedicated to oral wellness. A healthy mouth is a vital part of a healthy body. That’s why we’re committed to industry-leading research, products, and wellness education for all.

From Smile for Health®-Wellness, which helps members with certain chronic medical conditions afford treatment for gum disease, to the College Tuition Benefit® program, which helps families afford college, United Concordia’s programs are thoughtfully crafted to support the total well-being of eligible members.

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