Ease and VSP® Vision Care

VSP® Vision Care

About the Ease & VSP Partnership

Ease and VSP® Vision Care, the largest vision insurance company in the United States, are partnering to make it easier for you to offer and manage vision coverage. 

This connection gives you the ability to quickly add VSP’s plans for each of your groups. Enrollments and any changes, adds, and terminations will be sent to VSP directly from Ease.

This is an EaseConnect+ connection which means Ease will manage the entire setup of this connection for brokers and their groups.

About VSP® Vision Care


When you partner with VSP® Vision Care, you get more than great access to high quality eye care. You get a team who puts your well-being at the heart of all we do, like helping you manage your clients’ healthcare costs through the power of an eye exam, which can detect signs of chronic health conditions before they become more serious. And, creating a customized vision benefit that offers your clients more employee choice and less hassle.

It’s no surprise 84.4 million people choose VSP® Vision Care for their eye care and eyewear benefits. We’ve put people before profit for over 65 years— pushing the limits on what’s possible to help everyone see well and be well.

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