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Powerful direct carrier connections

A benefits consultant shares how Ease and the power of EaseConnect+ partners increases voluntary benefits participation.

Cut out cumbersome processes

Before EaseConnect+, Jason, a benefits consultant in Texas, and his team had a very manual enrollment process. From tracking, exporting, and submitting data to carriers in different and specific formats, to manually typing in all the information from paper applications, the process could take hours. In addition to the time-consuming process, Jason and his team encountered issues ensuring all employee changes were communicated to his benefits organization in a timely manner.

Searching for a way to catch these errors and streamline the enrollment process, Jason and his team got their groups connected on EaseConnect+. Now, all enrollment data is sent directly from Ease to Mutual of Omaha, and Jason no longer has to download enrollment data and format it for carriers.

“There’s very little automation in our industry. When it’s available and we can take advantage of it, it’s a great thing,” says Jason.

Additionally, with EaseConnect+, if there are any adds, terms, or changes to enrollments, Jason and his team will know it’s taken care of by the Ease team and that nothing is falling through the cracks.

Time saved using direct connections

2-6 hours

saved per carrier submission

5-10 minutes

saved per enrollment, change, or term

Seeing success

Before getting started with EaseConnect+, the team was divided, worried that the connections wouldn’t be able to do what they promised. But once their groups were set up and running through the connections, the unsure agency employees were immediately won over. 

“Transitioning groups to Ease increases participation for ancillary products,” Jason says. “Everyone fills out medical because they all need it. You don’t need life insurance, but it’s nice if you have it. If all your information is there, and all you need to do is click enroll, it makes it easier and drives participation.”

Now, submitting open enrollment data has been the biggest benefit for Jason and his team. Knowing the connection is correct, and that they don’t have to log information into multiple places is a relief. During their last open enrollment, the process was seamless as all information and data were sent directly from Ease to the carriers. 

Additionally, Jason and his team use the EaseConnect+ Discrepancy Audit tool to automatically and quickly correct any data values that don’t match between Ease and the connection partner — with no manual updates required. Jason and his team look forward to getting connected with more carriers.

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