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Switching to a technology-first broker

A 28-person company in Texas was ready to bring structure and organization to their HR and benefits department. And they switched to an Ease broker to make it happen.

Time for an upgrade

As soon as Kandice joined her organization as Director of Operations, she discovered that the company was managing the entire benefits process by hand, including enrollments, changes, and terminations. She knew that going paperless was necessary to increase efficiency and create a simple and convenient enrollment process.

The first step? Finding a new health insurance broker that not only offered competitive rates but provided an online enrollment solution as well. “To be honest, there wasn’t a lot of organization for HR and benefits when I joined the company. It was all paper, and the broker we were working with at the time had no technology solution to offer us.”

A new broker answered Kandice’s question with a yes, and three months later, Kandice successfully implemented Ease.

Time saved during open enrollment

30 hours

saved by HR with online enrollment

1 hour

saved per new hire enrollment

56 hours

saved by employees during open enrollment

Upgrading the employee experience

Going paperless has helped the company increase the efficiency and security of their HR and benefits process. Kandice no longer has to manually transfer paperwork from an employee to HR to their health insurance broker. Ease eliminates those steps and ensures that each employee provides the correct information for benefits enrollment.

For example, Kandice no longer has to keep track of social security and beneficiary information on paper. “Since adopting Ease, the HR department has been able to provide safety and trust, something our old process didn’t allow us to do.”

The company has several field staff, not housed in the main office. Kandice has heard they love that Ease allows them to securely enter sensitive information like social security numbers instead of relying on email and fax.

“The efficiency that Ease brought to our organization is irreplaceable. It’s eliminated the possibility of any vital mistakes. Company-wide, Ease has been organizationally changing for us.”

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