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Customer onboarding puts you on the right path

You’ve started the journey with a brand new Ease subscription, where’s your first stop?

Now that you have an Ease subscription, it’s time to learn the system with a helping hand. On your first day with Ease, your Onboarding Manager will reach out to you directly to schedule the kick-off call — the best introduction to your Ease team and the system.

With your Onboarding Manager, discuss your objectives with Ease and set the path for your onboarding process.

Learn Ease on your schedule.

In three sessions, you will become an Ease pro. Post kick-off call, you have three more sessions to go over the essentials of Ease.


Need some extra time? We’ll get a fourth session on the books.


These sessions are designed to ensure you’re walking away knowing Ease. Plus, it’s on your schedule.


Whether you want all the sessions booked in the first week or spaced out across four weeks, we’re ready when you are.

What’s on the agenda?

It all starts with your first employer group. Build out the skeleton of your employer group’s Ease portal, and customize the company settings with your Onboarding Manager.


Then, it’s time for the fun part.


Gather up the plan details and by the end of your first session, you will have a full plan built in Ease. The second session will go deeper into building out plans, reviewing the capabilities of your employer administrators, and testing the employee experience.


It’s time to learn how to import employees, dive into reporting options, and understand day-to-day management in your third session.


Have anything else on your mind? Choose to schedule an extra session dedicated to your questions and our answers.

Extra credit the easy way.

This is homework you’ll want to do. Check out the Ease Academy for an ever-expanding catalog of detailed guides and how-tos.


Practice makes perfect, after all.

Wanna see more?

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