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The Ease App

Any time, anywhere access to your benefits coverage? There’s an iOS and Android app for that.

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You use your phone to access your bank, e-mail, calendar, social media, and even set up food delivery. Don’t leave your benefits out! The Ease app gives easy access to your benefits information enrollments directly from your phone.

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Easy download

Simply scan the QR code using your mobile device, and follow the prompt to download and install the mobile app.

24/7 on-demand access

Access plan information at any time from anywhere — even in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Instead of using a desktop to review your plan enrollments, download the app for on-the-go knowledge.


Plan details

Review plan details, including policy numbers, when you need them most. Whether you forgot your policy number or need to verify your current coverage, the app has your information securely stored. No computer needed.

Ease mobile app benefits screen example
Ease mobile app ID card example

Insurance card & important documents

The stress of frantically looking through the cards in your wallet at the doctor’s office is officially over. Store images of insurance cards directly in the app for just-in-time access, and never worry about losing an insurance card again. 


Plus, access any benefits document that has been added by your broker directly in the app. Verify your deductibles, covered services, and co-payments — no more surprises at check-out.

The iOS Ease App

Calling all iPhone users — access the App Store for benefits on the go.

The Android App

On-demand benefits information, plan details, and insurance cards can be found on the Google Play store.

The perfect match.

The app offers even more for EaseHR users including time-off, org charts, and the employee directory.

Make it easy.

Benefits administration available where you are.

You’re the expert on benefits. We make it easier for you to manage them.

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