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Your ultimate benefits enrollment solution

Open enrollment doesn’t have to be stressful — move your benefits plans to Ease.

Open enrollment creeps up quickly and before you know it, you have to go through mountains of enrollments. Digitize the enrollment process by moving all your benefits plans on Ease. During plan setup, access our exclusive rates library to automatically add rates instead of manually entering them one by one.



In need of an enrollment form? We got ‘em. More than 6,000 carrier forms are already mapped, and if you need a different form added, just ask. Once the plans have been created, it takes minutes to renew the plans each year.

Simplified enrollments for employees.

Let’s be honest, benefits aren’t necessarily the easiest thing to understand when you’re not spending every day with them. Employees inevitably have questions about the upside of each plan option, and Ease makes it easier by laying it all out. Our plan comparison highlights the coverage details of each plan and the cost per pay period compared to other available plans. If the employee needs more time to weigh the differences, no sweat. All this info remains available 24/7 through desktop and mobile. 

Automatic change notifications.

Employees aren’t standing still until the next enrollment period. Throughout the year, employees could be getting married, having children, or moving to a new state. Attempting to keep track of the changes throughout the year can be overwhelming by yourself, but Ease has your back. Anytime an employee makes a demographic change or adds a new qualifying life event (QLE), you will be automatically notified via email. Once the email pops up in your inbox, you can review and submit the information to the proper carriers. 

Real-time enrollment progress.

Let Ease track enrollment progress across the board for you. As employees go through the enrollment process, you can quickly identify which employees are in progress, have not started, or have completed their elections. Is the end of open enrollment sneaking up? Simply send a message to all employees that haven’t finished their enrollments directly through Ease.

Make moves.

Discover a hassle-free benefits management experience with Ease in < 30 minutes.

You’re the expert on benefits. We make it easier for you to manage them.

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