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Ease covers compliance so you can focus on what matters most — covering your business.

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Data privacy, HIPAA, ERISA, the ACA, COBRA…not to mention constantly evolving federal and state laws, rules, and regulations. There are so many compliance considerations (and acronyms) for employers to think about if they want to avoid penalties and fines from the IRS, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and other government agencies.

HR teams can save themselves hours and let simple software make non-compliance a thing of the past — and as uncomplicated and painless as possible. Plus, Ease’s straightforward benefits administration software scans for viruses and malicious programs and uses two-factor authentication for secure access and data privacy.

Ensure ERISA compliance.

Ease uses a secure online Document Library and Plan Library that helps employers avoid fines and simplifies human resources management by taking it all online.  


The Document Library houses ERISA-required materials, like a Summary Plan Description (SPD) or Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC), and makes them available to employees in an organized and intuitive manner. Employers can use the description section to guide employees on how to properly find and fill out any required forms and documents, saving everyone time, effort, and frustration.  


With a Plan Library, a plan profile, eligibility rates, necessary forms, and documents can be added to the different plan templates. SBCs and other materials can also be directly added into the plan’s Documents Page in the Plan Library so employees have everything they need in one location.


To ensure ERISA compliance and employee acknowledgement, employers can require a review or a signature to prove employees have seen the documents and are aware of their coverage. 

ACA compliance at the ready.

Once-a-year tasks mean they’re that much easier to forget. Thankfully, Ease automatically calculates employee eligibility, verifies codes for required 1094/1095 IRS reporting, and accesses electronic filing by tracking current and historical employee data within Ease for annual ACA filing needs. Then, ACA with Ease measures affordability to ensure coverage meets the ACA’s Minimum Essential Coverage standard by using plan data in one of three ways: W-2 form, rate of pay, and the federal poverty line.

Compliance integration highlights.

From health and welfare administration services to COBRA and retiree billing, Ease partners with consulting and administration compliance solutions to cover SMB-specific needs. Hardworking integrations mean employers can feel safe knowing that plan compliance and all IRS and Department of Labor requirements are met.

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