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Combine your benefits solution with an HR onboarding solution for new hires and rehires.

New hire class

For every new hire, there is a follow-up of at least three forms to review and complete before the benefits enrollment process begins. Those three forms may be a small amount for your employee, but your HR administrator could have 20 other new hires starting at the exact same time. Reduce those 50+ paper forms down to zero by onboarding those employees through Ease.

Complete new-hire onboarding with Ease

Enrollment paper forms have already been eliminated, but why stop there? Before a new hire’s first day, HR admins can gather all the employee’s information directly through Ease. Have your new hire complete their W-4, I-9 forms, and direct deposit information within minutes. Once an employee esigns the forms in Ease, the documents are available for download by an HR admin.

Personalize the onboarding experience.

There’s more to onboarding than just the typical forms companies are required to fill out. Each company has its individual employee handbooks, compliance agreements, etc. With our onboarding tool, HR admins can upload their own onboarding documents and require employees to review and esign the document before proceeding.

Store onboarding forms in one secure spot.

Keeping new hire documents organized and accessible is no small feat. Luckily, you can store it in Ease for easier tracking and employee accessibility. Once a new hire completes the onboarding process, their information and forms will be stored in the system for both the HR admin and the employee to access. Come up with a new use for all those file cabinets, and instead, store employee information securely on Ease.

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