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Single Sign-On

For greater simplicity and enhanced security.

Security and digital safety

When it comes to human resource information systems (HRIS), there are a lot of options out there for brokers to choose from. Two of the most important features for end users — your clients and their employees — are security and ease of use.


Remembering increasingly complex passwords for every system or website we use is one of the downsides and major frustrations in the modern world. Case in point, 40% of employees say having to remember multiple logins adversely affects their stress and mental health levels.


With single sign-on (SSO), problem solved.

Benefits of Single Sign-On

Simple to use

Increased security

Greater peace of mind

Simplicity of Use

SSO synchronizes usernames, information, and passwords for easier and more efficient system access without compromising security. Employers and employees get to remember fewer usernames and associated passwords while IT departments get fewer complaints and requests from people to reset their passwords.


SSO grants access to multiple applications and services via one account’s login information. This helps employees alleviate stress and helps businesses avoid additional security risks, like when passwords are written on sticky notes because employees can’t remember 20 different logins to 20 different systems.


SSO also helps avoid repeated authentication each time a user is disconnected from a given service when multiple systems are being used. This simplifies the process for users because they only need to enter one set of credentials to maintain open sessions for all the applications that use SSO.


A common example of SSO can be found in Google. When you sign in to Gmail, you also sign to other Google apps like Google Maps, Google Books, and Google Docs.

SSO and Security with Ease

Ease partners with Okta for SSO, and includes it as a part of our Enterprise pricing package. Plus, Ease requires all users to use two-factor authentication for secure access, which prevents up to 99% of automated hacks.


Ease also ensures compliance with HIPAA, SOC 2 Type II, and HITRUST for further measures of personal and cyber security. In fact, we’ve earned a HITRUST CSF® Certification, an honor that puts us in an elite group of companies around the world, showing our dedication to providing top-notch security, managing risk, and protecting sensitive information.


We also have third-party vulnerability and penetration testing to increase resiliency to data breaches, and help identify any susceptibilities to cyber attacks or hacking. Any information uploaded into our system is scanned for viruses and malicious programs.

Why Ease

Over 2,300 agencies, our carrier partners, and more than 85,000 small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) use Ease because they know we make the information security of over 3.4 million employees our top priority — and it’s our mission is to make our system easy to use.


That’s why Ease is the #1 rated, broker-powered benefits administration software on G2. It’s designed to be simple to use for brokers, employers, and their employees alike. Ease has also earned awards and certifications for technology, security, company culture, and more.

Security is our priority.

Ease provides top-notch security, manages risk, and protects sensitive information.

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