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Establish Your Social Media Presence

Discover the how-to on standing out on each social media platform.

Whether you hate it or love it — social media is here to stay. It may be a form of entertainment, but social media is a powerful tool for staying connected with others. Use it to attract new audiences, acquire new clients, and connect with your current employer groups. Bonus: You don’t have to spend money to establish your agency on any social media platform. Consistently post on your chosen platforms, engage with the community, and watch your profiles gain steam.
LinkedIn: B2B Business' Best Friend

The social media breakdown.


If you’re a business-to-business (B2B) company, LinkedIn is about to become your new best friend. Reach a whole new audience and connect with existing clients on the social media service designed for professionals — LinkedIn reports that over 65 million business decision-makers are already on the platform.


On LinkedIn, consider both options — an organic social media marketing strategy and a paid media strategy. If you’re only getting started on LinkedIn, join the 93% of B2B content marketers that have already implemented an organic strategy and start posting. Take a dip into posting weekly on LinkedIn with your agency’s best offers, upcoming events, and more.


You can even take LinkedIn to the next level with ads. 79% of content marketers report that LinkedIn ads produce the best results out of all social media platforms. Start off small by adding a daily budget behind your top-performing organic posts — based on audience engagement or reach. As you start getting more comfortable, tailor your ads strategy to your agency’s needs. Soon enough you’ll reap the benefits. In fact, brands have seen a 33% increase in purchase intent after running ads on LinkedIn.

Facebook: The Millennial Hangout


Don’t count out other social media channels that aren’t exclusively for B2B marketing — you’d be missing out on a large audience. Currently, Facebook has 2.93 billion monthly active users, and it’s the second-most-used global app. And, no, that wasn’t a typo; the platform really does have nearly 3 billion active users (that’s more than 1 in 3 people on Earth). 


The chances of connecting with the Gen-Z audience on Facebook are slim, but if you’re focused on the Millennial demographic, you’ll be interested in this stat. Facebook is the favorite social media platform among 35-44 year-olds. Connect with the target audience that is more likely to be the decision-makers< within their company — you’ll attract a new client in no time.


As you dive into the process of polishing or setting up your new Facebook page, ensure you’re checking off each box. Include your agency’s website, available benefits plans, and each detail that makes your agency stand out from the rest — Facebook users are watching. Hootsuite reports that 54.9% of Facebook users follow or research brands on the social media platform. 


Psst: Don’t forget to open your page to messages from users. Potential clients are 53% more likely to shop with a business they can message on Facebook.

Twitter: Introducing Witty and Snappy Thoughts


What’s the first thing that you think of when it comes to Twitter? If you’re thinking about viral moments and trending business accounts — consider a different path. While the platform is primarily used for entertainment purposes as reported by 82% of Twitter users, you don’t need to be the next brand that goes viral for a clap-back response. But, you should lean into your wits when crafting a tweet for your agency.


A clever joke, an interesting take, or even a couple of interesting emoji choices could elevate your promotional tweet. Most users on Twitter are between the ages of 25 and 34, so make yourself stand out among the noise with a snappy tweet — the shorter the better.

Instagram: Ditch the Filter for Authenticity


Here’s a fun fact for you. Instagram is the most-downloaded app in the world. Consider the audiences you could reach on the photo-sharing social media platform. As the years have gone by, Instagram has continued to grow by introducing Stories and Reels alongside its popular feed of photos and videos. The options are endless as users and brands introduce Instagram to their marketing tactics. 


Recently, Instagram surveyed users and reported that they’re the number one platform for users to connect with brands. Use the established connections between users and brands for your agency’s Instagram account. Swap out the stock images and the posed photos for authentic and unfiltered snapshots. By posting real images of your agency’s brokers engaging with clients, participating in events, etc. you can present your broker agency in a new light.


Take your Instagram strategy to the next level with videos. To compete with TikTok, Instagram introduced reels to their platform. The short-length videos entice users as they spend some free time scrolling through the platform. In fact, 91% of all active users watch videos on Instagram every week. Make your mark and pick up your phone to film some moments around the office or at your next insurance-industry event.

TikTok: Quick Attention-Grabbers


This social media platform may be a newer one, but it has already made quite an impact. Considered the most engaging of all social media apps, TikTok averages 10.85 minutes per user session. Though, during that timeframe, users are most likely scrolling through about a hundred videos. Capture the attention of users right off the bat and stop the endless scroll.


Be quick with your attention grabbers on organic posts and ads. TikTok reports that 63% of all successful ads communicate their message immediately. If you leave your hook at the end of the video — despite the video being less than a minute long — you’ll risk losing a potential client.

YouTube: An Agencies' Storytime


While TikTok specializes in short videos with a quick attention grabber, YouTube focuses on longer videos that tell a story. The ideal length of a YouTube video is 10 minutes. Though, make sure those 10 minutes are filled with useful content. These users may be more inclined to watch a longer video, but you still need to be engaging and capture the audience’s attention. Once you’ve hooked them, the chances of a viewer choosing you as their broker skyrockets; in fact, 70% of viewers have made a purchase after seeing a new brand on the platform.


Instead of filming an infomercial about your agency, showcase it. Skip the moments where you’re only talking to the camera and show off the highlights of your agency. Film a behind-the-scenes look at building a benefits package, or put together a highlight reel of your agency’s booth at events. An interesting take on your agency’s promotion will succeed on this video-sharing platform.

Google My Business: The Main Huddle for the Digital Word-of-Mouth

Google My Business

This one may hide under the radar, but you’re not gonna want to forget it. Google My Business is the first thing that pops up when a user searches your agency’s name. It’s predominantly stationed at the right of their screen with your agency’s website, phone number, address, and, most importantly, reviews. Keep this in mind — 88% of potential customers search for reviews before choosing a new local service.


One click and a user can read through every review your agency’s received; good or bad. Non-perfect reviews are inevitable, but the way you handle bad reviews will make the difference between attracting new customers or losing their attention. If you’re seen as being combative with negative reviews, even if the review is unjustified, it will deter a new customer. Take the bad with the good, and respond in a professional manner. A classic go-to to save in your notes — “We apologize for your experience and appreciate the feedback as we continue to improve our services.” Don’t stress out, one bad review out of a hundred great ones will not scare them off.


And there’s something to be said for not having a perfect 5/5 stars. Harvard Business Review notes this is because non-perfect reviews are perceived to be more thoughtful — and in turn more accurate — than reviews that conform to all or nothing. So lower reviews can actually help build trust!

Build a community and engage with them.

Now that we’ve established the different audiences and purposes behind each social media platform — it’s time to make your mark. The best way to build your presence on each platform? Building a community. A place where current clients can connect with each other to share tips for benefits, HR administration, and employee retention.


As clients discuss topics important to them, continue to add to the conversation. Has an employer expressed the need for further assistance with employee retention? Share an article that provides helpful tips on keeping employees happy and engaged with their company. Become the leader that can share in their frustrations and provide helpful solutions on the spot. As your community continues to build, new audiences will become attracted as digital word-of-mouth spreads across the platform.


Hint: Stay tuned for the next article in this series for even more tips on using digital word-of-mouth to your advantage.

Use social media to your advantage.

The expectation isn’t that your broker agency needs to be present on each social media channel, nor should you even consider that option. Stretching out your social media presence to every platform can waste time and energy. Instead, focus on the social media platforms that fit your goals and audiences. As a B2B service, LinkedIn could be considered your top priority, while TikTok falls to the bottom of the list as it’s primarily used for the newest trends in pop culture and entertainment. Determine the best social media channels for your agency, and build on your presence on those selected platforms.

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