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July 2023

The quarterly 941 and 720 forms may be due at the end of the month, but July is still filled with hot dogs, fireworks, and summer fun on Independence Day.


Saturday, July 1st: 🤣

International Joke Day: Whether it’s a solid dad joke or a piece of comedic genius, grab the mic so the world can hear.


Tuesday, July 4th: 🇺🇸

Independence Day: The smells of BBQ and chlorine are in the air. Time to dive into the festivities.


Monday, July 17th:

World Emoji Day: There’s no shame in using the classic laughing-crying face today. 😂


Tuesday, July 18th: 🤓

Insurance Nerd Day: Double down on the dorkiness of being an insurance enthusiast.


Monday, July 31st: 📝

Quarterly 941 and 720 forms due: Get your tax spreadsheets pulled out because it’s time to report it to the IRS.

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