Your Data Privacy Is Our Top Priority

We understand that the 70,000+ businesses that use Ease place a high level of trust in us. Ease makes security and the privacy of customer data a top priority. The information on this page is intended to provide transparency about how we protect data. We’re always making security improvements and will keep this page up to date with our latest policies and procedures.

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Encrypted Agency and Employer Data

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Agency Information Kept Confidential

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Eliminate Submission Risks

How We Keep Our Users Safe

Certifications, Technologies, and Processes

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3rd-Party Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
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Data Is Encrypted During Transit and at Rest
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Granular Permissions for Data Access
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SOC2 Type 2 Compliant
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Personal Health Information Stored in TrueVault
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Complex Passwords
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Ease Runs on AWS
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Two-Factor Authentication


Businesses from 2 to 7,000 employees trust Ease.


Ease follows Cal data privacy regulations, is HIPAA compliant, and successfully completed a SOC2 Type 2 audit. Beyond that, your data is encrypted with industry standard AES-256 both at rest and in transit. All brokers, employer admins, and Ease employees are required to enable two-factor authentication for secure access. Finally, we scan all data uploaded for viruses and malicious programs.

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The reality is that you can never be 100% secure, which is why monitoring is just as important as protecting. Ease runs regular assessments, including vulnerability and penetration testing from 3rd-party vendors, and undergoes audits and reviews to ensure up-to-date best practices. We also track all data access and system changes and store changes securely.

Policies and Procedures

The Ease management team takes security seriously, requiring employees to follow strict security procedures. Before an employee is hired, a background check is conducted. All employees complete security awareness and HIPAA training upon hire and annually thereafter, have access to Ease on an "as needed basis," and are required to use complex passwords.

Man working on a laptop representing an Ease employee complying with policies and procedures
Closed vault depicting reliability on Ease’s servers


Ease’s servers reside in industry leading cloud service provider AWS and adhere to best practices. Ease hosts data in multiple regions for both high availability and disaster recovery purposes. Servers are located in a Virtual Private Cloud and data is encrypted both during transmission and at rest.

Have Questions?

Email or contact 1-800-446-3273 for more information about our security procedures.

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