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Insurance Broker Website: 4 Strategies for Promotion

Building your insurance broker website was a big undertaking, but it was only the beginning. What are your plans now that your website is up and running? A requirement to succeed in the insurance industry is to secure a steady stream of prospects, and your website is key to generate those leads. However, just because your website is on the internet doesn’t mean that HR professionals will come and visit. You might have built the best site out there, but without effective marketing, no one will know about it. In this week’s post, we share 4 strategies to promote your insurance broker website and improve your lead generation strategy.

1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging consists of contributing a post you have written to a blog on another website. This is a great strategy to build relationships, exposure, and authority within the insurance industry. When you write for leading and reliable sites, you are placing your content in prime places to reach your target audience. For example, if you publish on HR Technologist or Lattice, you will most likely reach HR professionals. They will generate traffic to your website if your content is appealing enough.

The three basic steps to start your guest blogging strategy are:

Decide on which websites are the best for your content. Research and create a list of blogs and publications that are relevant to your work and the insurance industry.

Contact the targeted blogs one by one. Dedicate some time to research who you are submitting your content to: what are they publishing? Who is making the decision? Which other guest bloggers have they already published? Use these insights to personalize your pitch to each blog.

Blogs usually have a style and formatting guide. Keep these rules in mind when writing your guest post. For example, if the blog uses subheadings and bold text, structure your content accordingly. If most of their posts are around 2,500 words, write content around the same length. Include the link to your website, but remember to also include some internal links of the blog you are writing for. Finally, make sure the quality of the content meets the standards. Don’t write a post just for the sake of getting published, write it to contribute good and relevant information.

Example of guest blogging to promote insurance broker website

2. Promote Your Insurance Broker Website on Social Media

Promoting your website on social media not only means to share the link with your followers, but to create a relationship with them. By doing so, users will gain interest in your agency and the traffic to your site will grow organically. Although you might be a casual social media user, marketing your insurance broker website needs a completely different approach. Getting started with social media is overwhelming, but hard work and consistency will pay off. Below are three steps to start promoting your website on social media:

Both Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to create a business page for your insurance agency. You can create a profile on Twitter. By starting social media pages, you will establish your agency’s online presence allowing you to connect and engage with users. Remember to fill your page with details about your business.

Study your audience and create content that is engaging, shareable, and relevant. Stay consistent when publishing. If you set a goal of publishing twice a week, don’t leave your social media abandoned for three weeks. Your followers will lose interest and trust.

Once you have created your social media pages, it’s time to bring them to life. Actively participate in conversations or groups, interact with your followers, answer comments, and react to other pages’ posts.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using SEO to promote your insurance broker website consists of getting your site ranked highly on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Think about this: if you were offering insurance services in Columbus, Ohio, and your website is the number one result for the search query “insurance agency in Columbus”, can you imagine how much traffic your website will get?

SEO is a long term strategy, but once you start working on it, it will bring consistent and steady traffic to your website. SEO is the best approach in terms of scalable results. Below, you’ll find the two projects you need to implement to start an SEO strategy for insurance agencies:

It’s important to research the keywords relevant to your insurance agency before starting to write the content for your website. This step is crucial to make sure there is a market for your content and your target audience is actually typing those words into the search engine. When researching keywords, there are a lot of variables to keep in mind, but the difficulty and the monthly volume are good indicators for you to know you should target that keyword. There are tools, such as Moz Keyword Explorer or KWFinder, to access this information and help you with this process.

Backlinking consists of getting other websites to link back to yours. Google considers your website more relevant when more sites are linking to it. Therefore, backlinks are an indicator of how important and relevant your content is.? Don’t forget that not all websites linking to you are worth the same. For example, getting a backlink from The New York Times won’t be the same as from a spam website since they don’t have the same domain authority.

4. Participate In Forums to Promote Your Insurance Broker Website

Forums are platforms on the internet to share and discuss any topic that doesn’t go against the rules of the site. On these platforms, don’t try to sell insurance at all times or you will get pushed out by the administrators. Instead, provide real value to the community, demonstrate your expertise, and show the strengths of your services. Below are two platforms you can start participating in to become part of the community and drive traffic to your insurance broker website.

This site is defined as a collection of discussion forums. Reddit is structured in communities called subreddits. Each subreddit covers a specific topic. For example, you can join the conversation in the subreddit called r/HealthInsurance and answer questions such as “needing advice to pick short term health insurance” or solve the doubt about “HSA or traditional” or “employer-subsidized medical insurance”.

Reddit community covering Health Insurance
Reddit community covering Health Insurance

This platform is a question and answer site. Going into Quora and finding questions you can answer might take time and dedication, but it will be worth it to build authority and become a thought leader in the insurance industry. On Quora, you can follow spaces or topics and access the answer area to take a look at all the questions asked about the topic. Search for the ones you can demonstrate your expertise in and help the community.

Quora search about health insurance
Quora search about health insurance
Reddit threat about health insurance
Health insurance Quora topic

Final Thoughts About Insurance Broker Website

The options to promote your insurance broker website are not limited to the ones listed above, but these strategies are ideal to start growing your traffic. Even though these strategies can take a little while to work, patience and perseverance are key to engage with potential customers and drive them to your site. Growing your traffic will help you improve your lead generation strategy. As the next step, optimize your insurance broker website to convert all those leads into customers and see the impact on revenue.

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