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Free Insurance Agency Advertising: 6 Strategies to Succeed

July 30, 2018

It’s no secret that advertising is essential for growing your agency. However, hiring an SEO or content marketing specialist, putting money into Google and Facebook ads or purchasing space in your local papers might not fit into every agency’s advertising budget. The good news is there are several ways you can get free advertising for your insurance agency. Here are some of the best free insurance agency advertising strategies.

1) Blog Regularly

Blogging is a powerful tool for advertising your insurance agency. In order for blogging to be effective, you need to update your blog regularly with valuable information for your audience. It’s also important that you incorporate SEO practices into your content so more people can find your blog in Google searches. While you can mention your products and services, your primary

While SEO tactics can really boost your rankings and visibility, make sure to also promote your blog content over social media. Whenever you publish new content, link your blog posts to your agency’s Facebook and LinkedIn business pages or Twitter feed.

2) Maintain a Social Media Presence

These days, businesses are expected to have an active social media presence, and insurance agencies are no exception. An insurance marketing study by Known Circle found that over 70% of agents use referrals and social media to attract millennials, but only 30% interact with clients on social media.

Having a social media presence gives you the opportunity to promote your brand and engage directly with clients and prospects. One great example is Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.’s LinkedIn page. This content might include what benefits can be used to recruit new employees or case studies on new types of benefits, like HSAs and telemedicine. Social media networks are powerful tools for promotion and an excellent way to get free insurance agency advertising for your agency.

3) Post Interesting Video Content?

In an earlier post, I mentioned that video is the most popular form of shared content. This trend is not going away anytime soon, and video is increasingly playing a more central role in marketing campaigns. In fact, HubSpot researchers found that 54% of consumers want to see video content, beating out email newsletters (48%) and image-based content (41%). Video content also tends to rank higher in the search engines.

These days agencies can use a Smartphone to create engaging video content to summarize their blog posts and explain their services. For example, do you use a benefits administration system that could be useful to your clients? You might create a short video about how the system works and how it can help them manage employee benefits. Or you could post a video interview with a current client about their positive experience working with your agency. This type of video is an effective way to promote your agency to new clients.

You can post your videos on LinkedIn Native Video, which will promote the videos to your target audience. Another excellent option is Facebook Live, where you can create live streaming videos and post them to your agency’s News Feed. This method is becoming more popular, demonstrating three times the engagement of previously recorded video content on social media platforms.

4) Use Google My Business

Another way to get free insurance agency advertising is by using Google My Business, a tool that can increase your ranking in local searches. It allows you to easily update your business information and engage with your customers from all your devices. Ranking highly reflects well on your agency, showing that you are an established and well-regarded business. Local consumers will also choose your agency over your competitors if you rank more highly in the search results.

5) Join a Podcast for Free Insurance Agency Advertising

Joining a podcast is a popular way to generate interest in your business. Podcasts are growing in popularity, and people often feel a much more personal connection to a speaker on a podcast. Insurance agencies can certainly take advantage of podcasts as well. Begin by researching popular podcasts in the insurance industry and reach out to the interviewer with an explanation of how your knowledge can benefit their audience. It’s typically free to participate in a podcast, and speakers are given the opportunity to introduce themselves and briefly mention their products and services.

6) Publish Articles on LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a publishing platform that can be used for getting free insurance agency advertising for your agency. It allows you to publish articles where you can share valuable information and establish your agency as an authority in the insurance industry. When you publish an article, your followers and connections will be notified and the article will appear in LinkedIn’s Pulse network. If someone searches for insurance-related keywords in Pulse, your article will show up in the search results. This means that many people outside of your network can access your article and learn about your agency. LinkedIn Pulse is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge, expand your reach, and promote your agency.

Final Thoughts About Free Insurance Agency Advertising

There are many different ways to get free insurance agency advertising. The methods I covered in this post are some of the most effective ways you can promote your agency’s services, grow your following, and establish your authority in the insurance world — without spending a dime of your advertising budget.

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